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Why RPO?

Setting up own recruitment cell

 Required to Setup a team of expert recruiters.

 Database creation to hire portals, give advertisements etc.

 Need to invest in software & hardware for recruitment.

 Need to pay telephone bills , space and electricity.

 No back of recruiter if it leaves.

 Limited database.

 No monitoring of recruiters performance.

 Its not the core area of expertise

Outsourcing of recruitment cell

 No need to set up a team as team of experts from IPS will assist.

 No need to invest on creating database.

 No need to invest in hardware & Software.

 No need to pay any unknown telephone bills, rental for space and electricity.

 Continuous back of recruiters.

 Huge database as dealing with similar industries.

 Continuous monitoring of recruiters performance.

 Its our core area so continuous adoption of new methods for improving recruitment process.