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Recruitment Formalities / Process

1. Execution of Agency Agreement between Employer (Client) and IPSPL with agreed teams & conditions for providing requisite power from India and to be signed by both parties.

2. Compliance from Employers Part:

  1. Demand Letter: The client will issue a demand letter in favor of IPSPL stating the job categories, no. of workers required in each category, remuneration, benefits and amenities like food, medical, residence, conveyance and air fare, along with duration of contract.
  2. Letter of Authority : Client will issue a letter to IPSPL addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned embassy in India, informing that IPSPL is their bonafide manpower recruiting agent and fully authorized to deal with all visa matters, submissions and delivery, with the said embassy. (Applicable to Middle East and Far East countries only)
  3. Agreement of Employment : This is standard employment contract between client and conddidate.

3. Compliance from Recruiters part:

  1. Selection of Candidate: Wer help in conducting final selection procedure of applicant directly by employer or his authorized representative. We arrange their entire visit to India. In case if client entrusted us with the selection & testing of worker, then we normally do it with help of the government approved agencies or experts in their respective fields.
  2. Medical Checkup : Get medical checkup done for candidate from India.
  3. Assistance in Visa: We help in visa process for the selected candidate from India.
  4. Ticketing and Emigration: Client can send PTA or remit necessary traveling expense in favor of IPSPL to facilitate traveling of candidate. We obtain emigration clearance from the concerned Govt. department for the candidates.
  5. Orientation and Departure: About the job, country, culture and labor laws.