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Tamporary Jobs

Temporary Staffing is Good for Employers and Employees too

IT Back with a bang!!

At a time when the IT sector is evolving at a rapid place. The Indian IT Flexi staffing Industryis expected to register 14-16% growth per annum in the next few yeqars, says a report as per economic times.

Also , As per ISF (Indian Staffing firm) the Indian IT flexi staffing industry was worth USD 3.04 billion in 2016-2017 and is expected to witness significant growth till 2021.Across the top states and sectors of the country. E-commerce and Startup are alone  running as top players in the market.

Prioritizing jobs for hiring

Despite the title “Hiring managers”, they do a lot more than just hire new talent. In fact, in many companies, hiring is a task added to the hiring manager’s ordinary full-time workload.

With so much work to juggle and only so much time to do it, hiring managers have to prioritize. They must focus on the tasks and processes that will meet the company’s hiring needs most effectively and efficiently. But where should a hiring manager start?

Since you can’t do it all, start prioritizing your hiring process and needs with these steps:

What Every Hiring Manager Does When They See Your Name

When it comes to applying for jobs, you have to assume the following.

It's a generalisation and may not always be true, but in most cases it will be.

Every time you apply for a role and your resume sits in front of a hiring manager, if your application is being seriously considered, she will turn to her computer and google your name.

What will she find?

Will it be a blog that catalogues your expertise in your chosen field of endeavour?

Will it be the list of industry related journals that you've been published in?

3 tips guaranteed to get you hired

3 tips guaranteed to get you hired

Getting hired for jobs these days is DIFFICULT.  And today I want to share with you 3 interviewing tips that will give you a distinct advantage over your competition and put in the front of the hiring line.

1.) Quantify your results when speaking of accomplishments: By quantifying your results and saying exactly what you will do when they give you the job, you are clearly separating yourself from your competition and connecting with prospective employers by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

How to Apply for a Job

Decide what kind of job you want. In order to streamline the job application process, examine what your needs and desires are for employment. You can narrow down your options by taking a few things into consideration: