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How to find a recruitment agency to fit in your expectations?

Identify your objective as a job seeker. 

You might be in need of temporary work in between performing tours or looking for a full-time, permanent job as a graphic designer. Clarity about your professional needs will assist you in choosing the best recruitment agency.

4 Ways to Attract Passive Candidates on LinkedIn

How to attract candidates?

Some of the best candidates you’ll work with aren’t specifically looking for a new job. They’re passive candidates — generally satisfied with where they are, but open to hearing about their next great opportunity.

LinkedIn’s U.S. & Canada Talent Trends report says 90 percent of professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities. But only about a third are actively looking; the rest are where you can find your knockout candidates — if you connect with them the right way.

Here are four ways to attract LinkedIn passive candidates.


3 Reasons Candidate Sourcing Matters

There’s a big difference between the things you should be doing and the thing you need to be doing. You should be exercising regularly and eating right, you need to breathe. While competing obligations and extenuating factors may prevent you from doing the former, nothing will stop you from achieving the latter.