Productive employees can be difficult to find. However, they are often attracted to similar things about a company. From a company culture that nourishes creativity and innovation to competitive compensation, there are elements of your hiring package that might be the deciding factor to a top performing potential employee. If you’re looking to attract a top employee, there are certain things you might want to notice about your organization and highlight to these top achievers. A supportive and positive environment is just the tip of the iceberg of incentives that attract a top performer. Here are a few more things to consider:

Company Culture

When reaching out to top performers, be sure to highlight the aspects of your company’s culture that will appeal to them. Well-qualified employees want to know that the company they work for is not only a good place to work, but also a place that is supportive of their ideas and quick to respond to their professional needs. Top performers want to be challenged, and they value the opportunity to make an impact with their work. While guidance and direction are often necessary to your top performers, be sure not to step on them with a management style that is too aggressive.

Do Your Own Recruiting

It is often tempting to rely on outside recruiting firms for talent, but doing your own recruiting is often worth the extra time and effort. By doing your own recruiting, you can weed out candidates that don’t fit with your company’s needs. You can perform a more personalized evaluation of candidates, and you can handpick those standouts that you feel could benefit your company most. Whereas, if you rely on a recruitment firm, you’ll have less of a choice of whom you’ll end up with.

Have Top Performers Conduct Interviews

One of the ways to excite and attract top performers is to have people like themselves conducting their interviews. When top performers see that your company is a place where they can feel comfortable and add value, they might be more excited about choosing your company to work with – boosting your bottom line. Also, having top performers conduct job interviews weeds out those who are middleweights in the performance category because they will often feel threatened by a top performer if their performance levels don’t match up.


Landing a top performer in your company is one way to take your professional efforts to the next level. Before reaching out to them, be sure to conduct a thorough company evaluation of what you have to offer a top performer. Simply highlighting these incentives in interviews isn’t enough; show these top earners what you have to offer. Top performers will more-than-likely find a company more attractive if it knows what it has to offer and has a history of valuing its employees.