Integrated Personal Services Pvt. Ltd. successfully executed its Annual General Meet recently in Mumbai, on 28th and 29th December 2017; to review the performance and set up SMART goals for the year 2018.

The Managing Director, Mr. Tarang Goyal addressed his performer team to achieve the esteem position and become one of the most preferred HR Consultancy in India.

Alter, Align and Achieve being the bottom line of the event the IPS team is all set to bang the targets in this year.

Here are some highlights of the event:

All the managers were provided a vision for the year 2018. With the set goals and targets, they are now geared up to move towards it. The review proved to be very fruitful to find the flaws and rectify them in the upcoming year. Nevertheless everyone will have to take vital steps in the upcoming year to achieve our vision of 300 Crores.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate to all our ‘Performers and Achievers’ who did considerably well in this year and would like to see them growing their productivity and the grab their set targets more aggressively.

We would also like to thank all our esteemed clients who trusted us and made our way to reach to the level where we are standing today.

Insight of the MD

Our Managing Director, Mr. Tarang Goyal, flashed light on some vital facts and figures in his session on the second day.

He wisely scrutinized the flaws and guided the team to overcome them. Adding to which he gave a simple one line “MANTRA” to the crowd to conquer their limitations that is

Alter… Align… Achieve.


  • Alter: is to rectify the actions, improve on the skills, and gather knowledge.
  • Align:  once you have sufficient knowledge, you have understood what is expected from you & have skills to match the expectations; fit in yourself in the place where you can easily sustain in the Company’s working atmosphere.
  • Achieve: Now that you are all equipped with all necessaryaspectsrequired to perform well, you can easily achieve the targets assigned to you.

Lastly to sum up the day’s session, he appealed team to think out of the box. He mentioned, “Bringing innovation is a necessary of today’s time. Thinking differently does not require a skillset or does not have any kind of educational barrier. We all need to think and come up with the ideas which will help us to make our working more proficient and ultimately help our Company to become one of the best HR consultancies in India.”