1. What is a Business Associate.

Business Associate carry’s a legal right to carry out business operations of IPS in particular and designated location under brand name of IPS.
This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques.
To participate in IPS business activities by delivering local requirements or supporting the requirements which IPS allocates to BA and generate revenue from such activities.

2. Why IPS is looking for Business Associates?

To maximize presence & reach of IPS services across India

To create better focus on Growth and extensive business delivery.

To bring operative cost effectiveness and responsibility.

To excel in every facet of its operation by bringing ownership.

To provide attractive career and business opportunities for all BA’s.

To dynamically grow through pro-active partners and business aquisiitons.

3. Opportunities for you!

Setting up business at very low cost.

Working with established brand in the market.

Good profitability and returns on the investment.

Good Growth potential.

No accounting hassles.

Working for a professional setup.

Be the owner for your territory.

No headache of working capital, Operating procedures, Market knowhow and risk.