Identify your objective as a job seeker.

You might be in need of temporary work in between performing tours or looking for a full-time, permanent job as a graphic designer. Clarity about your professional needs will assist you in choosing the best recruitment agency.

Look for an agency that is specialized in your field.

Certain recruitment agencies are more geared towards certain professions, while others are more generalized. If you are seeking a job in information technology, one agency might have more potential employers than another. Also, certain skills are transferrable to a number of jobs, so your computer skills might also allow you to branch out to data entry if you are open to this. Decide whether you want a specific position or are willing to work in any area for which you are qualified.

Decide whether you seek temporary or permanent employment.

Some recruitment agencies are strictly temp agencies, while others include permanent positions. Even temp agencies often offer jobs that can turn permanent. If your hope is to enter a company on a temporary assignment that turns permanent, ask the agency for its success rate in this regard. Companies typically are required to buy out the contract in this case. An agency with many temporary to permanent placements is likely doing a good job of matching people to jobs.

Take location into account.

You should decide ahead of time whether you are willing to relocate for a good job or are only willing to search locally. This will help to narrow down your search and eliminate any agencies that service areas where you are not willing to work.

Get a referral from a friend or colleague.

If you know someone who has been successfully placed by a recruitment agency, this is a good starting point. If you learn from someone else’s experience, you can have a smoother and more successful search.

Make sure the agency is reputable.

It is important that they are not involved in any kind of fraud. Agencies should never offer to fabricate letters of recommendation or credentials.