‘Job posting’ is a first step towards successful hiring; it starts with an effective appeal to the job aspirant who will read and apply to your job post. Getting suitable and most importantly relevant applicants decide the success of your hiring. Here are few very quick and important tips for you to improve the quality of your job applicants.

Keep it Short…

Job posting need not be lengthy, max 150- 170 words in a job post can sum up the required details which are easy to understand. The survey has proven that the job posts with limited and accurate details are more likely to get maximum and relevant applications.

But keeping it short does not meant to be uncomplete. It has to have the required information about the job.

Don’t be too casual / informal…

Sometimes an informal tone in the job posts is likely to reduce the interest and trust of the job aspirants.

Also the use of words like ‘coding ninja’, ‘retail jedi’ or ‘chief chatter’ makes it difficult to understand what exactly is the job post is all about.

Using crisp, easy and clear language will definitely bring more attention and can create a good impression about company in the eyes of the job seekers.

Highlight the key words…

When you write a job description, instead of plainly writing the text, highlight the key requirements like Must Have Skills, Years of experience, Salary, Location in a different color or you may bold them to catch the eyes of the applicant.

Another important benefit of having these highlights is when you specifically use these words, they get captured in search engines to optimize the reach to the relevant job seekers. Making bullet pointers can be another effective way to highlight these pointers.

Post early in the week…

Job seekers are most active on Monday/ Tuesdays, so posting your jobs on early in the week will automatically get more traffic. Only posting does not suffice the purpose; updating them or reposting them weekly is also very important. Older the job postdate, lesser is the interest of a genuine candidates.

Be brief about Company Description…

There are job posts with lengthy descriptions about the company which makes your job post text heavy. It is always better to keep the company brief as short as possible and provide a website URL for detail information.

Summery at the end will work as a final stroke to filter unwanted/ irrelevant applicants to your posting.

Summarize the details about the must have requirements at the end just before providing the contact details.

Be crisp, interesting, precise yet formal in your job postings, to win the battel against the unwanted/ irrelevant traffic of the job applicants.