We work closely with each of our clients to understand their requirements, both in the short and long term and thus accordingly devise solutions suited to the relevant context. IPS Group can provide various categories of staff having specialization in following fields.

Infrastructure Sector

We provide human resources on contract basis / short term to the firms from infrastructure sector.

Heavy Engineering / Manufacturing Industry

The dynamic force at the back of maximum infrastructural development and technical changes.

Construction Sector

We have an energetic team of expert consultants with an enormous experience of recruitment.

Energy and Power Industry

Whether you’re seeking for individuals or a whole team, we assist you to recruit the right.

Oil & Gas Industry

We specialize in providing permanent and contract basis recruitment for oil & gas.

Hospitality Sector

We specialize in providing the best candidate selected from a talent pool for hospitality.

Petrochemical and Refinery Industry

Petrochemicals and refinery industry is most important sector while industrial revolution.

Telecommunication Sector

Telecommunications is the progressive of most of the expansions that are taking place across the globe.

Banking and Finance Sector

Banking and finance, are the industries that needs high intellect, is expanding quicker than ever before.

Retail & FMCG Sector

We are working in an era that belongs to people who demand the best commodities to keep up their living standards.

Logistics Sector

In previous couple of years Logistics industry has developed at a very fast speed.

Information & Technology Sector

The materialization of ICE age (Information, communication and technology) has imposed the need for proficiently qualified and brilliant people in the Information technology sector.