Oil and Energy sector in India is clubbed together all industries like fuel, petroleum, gas, coal and nuclear power industries. The activities carried out in this field are that of utilizing the goods, transportation of goods, and knowledge of running machines in order to generate the power resources. These activities need trained and skilled manpower. The Health and safety being the prime concern of the employers it is a very important sector where it is difficult to get the manpower for these plants. IPS being an experience player in the recruitment industry, it understands the concerns and provide experienced and trained employees to various positions in the sector; covered with all the compliances and mandates as per government rules and regulations. To know more

Our Expertise

Our Expertise sectors for providing manpower
  • Engineering in the Oil & Gas
  • Engineering in offshore constructions
  • Engineering pipeline
  • Engineering in heating and thermal equipments
  • Safety engineers
  • Process Engineering
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