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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (IPSRPO)

It’s been observed that recruiting the right candidates for any specific role turns out to be more complex and time-consuming than it looks initially. It requires the right people to handle the requirements at the first place. Even beside a dedicated team working towards the mission for getting the right people, it always ends up being a lengthy, costly affair for any organization. That’s why It is important to look for the right RPO Company in India. At IPS, we provide comprehensive and flexible RPO services that cover recruitment and end-to-end HR Process Management.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is also known as RPO is a simple, convenient, professional and most importantly cost-effective option for acquiring talents for your organization. As it explains in the name, RPO is where a company is completely outsourcing the recruitment process to a Professional Recruitment Company.

Being one of the top recruitment process outsourcing companies in Mumbai India. At IPS RPO, we bring together a complete solution where the company can rest assured of the recruiting tasks with a proven cost-saving with stipulated results within timelines.

Simple Comparison of the cost that is included while setting up your recruitment team vs IPS RPO  


  • Delivery of outsourced processes are carried out onsite or offsite or both, depending upon the scale and support required.
  • Complete synchronized applications to handle the entire recruitment process at clients place.
  • Cost efficiency, centralized functionality
  • Perpetual process improvement
  • Flexibility and employer branding are few RPO drivers
  • Outsourcing of trained recruiters exclusively working for clients
  • IPS high returns on the investment reducing hiring cost by 25%
  • Reduces time taken in the recruitment
  • Fixed cost is converted into variable cost
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1. What is RPO?

Abbreviated as RPO, recruitment process outsourcing is defined where the employer partially or completely transfers recruitment duties to a third-party service provider. As per the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA), the RPO provider assumes the organisation’s technology, staffing, reporting and other methodologies. RPO services in India differ from providers as they completely take ownership of the recruitment process’s management and design along with taking care of the results. This is generally regarded as a supplement to the company’s internal hiring department for the open job positions, which depends on the brand and site location.

The responsibilities of recruitment process outsourcing companies include candidate sourcing, talent attraction, interview coordination, market forecasting, workforce planning, offer management, background and compliance checks, reporting and metrics, onboarding and recruitment and technology management. The procedure also includes selection, assessment and screening.

2. How does RPO work?

RPO companies in India consist of technology, dedicated experts, analytics and practice processes embedded within the organization. Being an external company, they work along with the hiring managers to optimise sourcing, onboarding and assessments along with predicting future demands. They leverage optimized and automated processes tools using deep market insights, actionable analytics and expertise. If you successfully collaborate with them, they transform the business’ efficiency and upskilling. As a result, your business would always be ahead of your competitors with recruitment outsourcing companies in India.

RPOs provide offshoring solutions that offer complete scalability and flexibility, reduce expenses and achieve targets without increasing the headcount. Moreover, they also improve retention, enhance the quality of hire and reduce the time to hire – all contributing to a higher return on interest. Whether you have a staffing agency or an in-house recruiting system, the company’s hiring procedure remains the same.

RPO companies in India involve the consulting team working with the organization, along with understanding their hiring requirements and designing the right solution. Once the plan is developed and approved, the recruitment process generates qualified candidates, fills current open positions and manages future needs.

3. What are the benefits of outsourcing your recruitment?

Recruitment outsourcing companies come with several benefits, such as flexibility, improved skills, scalability and optimised procedures to improve candidate experience and hiring practices. Also, they strive to enhance talent pools, increase retention and reduce the time to hire. As RPO services in India have mapped strategies, they prevent unfair hiring practices that bring efficiency and stability to the recruitment process. They share the hiring responsibilities from the human resources department but work with them on daily tasks.

As they gradually become an extension of the internal hiring team, they are as invested in selecting the right talent. They use talent acquisition strategies and onboard new hires, regardless of whether the company is downsizing or the internal hiring team is unable to meet business demands. High-volume needs cause capacity challenges, and high rejection statistics result in a negative brand image or other restrictions. As a result, companies now completely focus on core business productivity supported by state-of-the-art technology to promote efficiency, diversity, equality and inclusion.

4. How much does an RPO cost?

RPO companies in India don’t have a flat fee that encompasses all services, nor is there a major difference between large enterprises, mid-size companies and startups. As with most other service areas, the cost of your RPO services entirely depends on the services that you choose. Then again, your choice of services depends upon the company’s requirements.

5. What RPO services do you offer?

Recruitment process outsourcing companies offer services such as long-term and short-term workforce planning, hiring manager communication and engagement, strategic candidate sourcing, pre-employment candidate employment history and background check, graduate recruitment (including apprenticeships and internships), talent engagement, candidate management, recruitment analytics support and compliance and risk management.

6. How experienced is your RPO recruiting team?

Our RPO recruitment prides itself on its seventeen years of experience since 2004.