Recruitment Process Outsourcing (IPSRPO)

It’s been observed that recruiting the right candidates for any specific role turns out to be more complex and time-consuming than it looks initially. It requires the right people to handle the requirements at the first place. Even beside a dedicated team working towards the mission for getting the right people, it always ends up being a lengthy, costly affair for any organization. That’s why It is important to look for the right RPO Company in India. At IPS, we provide comprehensive and flexible RPO services that cover recruitment and end-to-end HR Process Management.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is also known as RPO is a simple, convenient, professional and most importantly cost-effective option for acquiring talents for your organization. As it explains in the name, RPO is where a company is completely outsourcing the recruitment process to a Professional Recruitment Company.

Being one of the top recruitment process outsourcing companies in Mumbai India. At IPS RPO, we bring together a complete solution where the company can rest assured of the recruiting tasks with a proven cost-saving with stipulated results within timelines.

Simple Comparison of the cost that is included while setting up your recruitment team vs IPS RPO  


  • Delivery of outsourced processes are carried out onsite or offsite or both, depending upon the scale and support required.
  • Complete synchronized applications to handle the entire recruitment process at clients place.
  • Cost efficiency, centralized functionality
  • Perpetual process improvement
  • Flexibility and employer branding are few RPO drivers
  • Outsourcing of trained recruiters exclusively working for clients
  • IPS high returns on the investment reducing hiring cost by 25%
  • Reduces time taken in the recruitment
  • Fixed cost is converted into variable cost
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