Interview is generally a brief communication between a candidate and an employer. An average interview duration is may be around 30 to 40 mins but the employer generally decides or at least makes an opinion about the candidate in first 90 seconds.

And, these first 90 seconds starts from the minute the candidate enters in the room. Far before a dialogue takes place between the two, the observation of the employer starts the process of creating favorable/ non – favorable opinion about the candidate; 70% of the time that opinion turn outs to be the decision about hiring.

Here is how you can avoid this:

Dress code: The organization may or may not have dress code or formal dressing culture, interview is always supposed to be a formal affair. Choose a nice fitted, comfortable pair of clothing and footwear.

Do not carry heavy bags and loose papers while entering the interview room. (if you have to then you may keep the bags at the reception)

Hand shake: A hand shake gives a clear message to the interviewer about your state of mind, always give a firm and full hand shake to everyone. (you may visit you tube videos about formal hand shake)

Eye contact /body posture / seating position/ clear voice: Look into the eyes of the employer, sit straight and sit down comfortable yet formally with your hands open. speak to the employer in a firm voice in a medium pace and normal volume.

Last but not the least keep your mobile on silent mode and preferable in pockets or on the table with face down.

Communication is not always what you speak, a person communicates through its eyes/ body postures / voice / pace and many more things.

Similarly you can also observe the person seating in front of you, and get to know what is his opinion formed about you while you give interview.